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Garage doors with windows

If your garage door has a window, you should get it frosted. This will prevent thieves from looking into your garage to see what valuables are stored inside. Garage Door Repair Ennis can replace your existing garage door with one without windows if you are interested.

Fixing a problem with an inoperable opener

Often a garage door opener will not operate from either the wall control or with the remote control. Discovering the reason for the problem requires several steps. First, check to see that the opener has electric power. Plug a lamp into the outlet and if it doesn't light, check your fuse box or circuit breaker. Pull the emergency release cable and try to manually lift the door. If it doesn't open, a spring may have broken. If that's the case, call our professional team to make the proper repairs.

Clean the opener equipment with a dry cloth

It is best to never clean openers with excessive amounts of water. Many opener parts feature metal components, and getting splashes of water on these can lead to rust. The main threat to openers is large amounts of dirt and dust, and this can be effectively cleared with dry cloths. Be careful not to clean too much lubricant away from chains and cables.

Always tighten the visible loose parts

On an average, a garage door is used close to a thousand times a year. As a result of this prolonged use, certain parts tend to become loose, and eventually pop off if not maintained properly. Hence, it is highly recommended that users spare a few minutes every time they see a loose hinge or a wobbly bolt and fix them with a socket wrench. For anything bigger, there’s always Garage Door Repair Ennis.

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